The department coordinates all ICT programmes in the school including managing the ICT equipment and infrastructure available in the school.

The department also coordinates the computer literacy programme meant to equip members of staff with the necessary computer skills required in this era of Information Technology. Currently ICT integrated lessons in the school is on the increase.  

 The department appreciates the school administration for supporting our programmes that are geared towards making the school technology compliant in line with the country’s vision 2030. The ICT department will soon facilitate the development of the school website. The department will encourage and facilitate the acquisition of laptops for all teachers.

Departmental Policies

ü  Encourage use of technology in lessons by;-

ü  Use of available resources

ü  Give basic instruction on the available resources to staff members to all staff members

ü  Avail where possible resources to incorporate ICT in the daily lessons.

ü  Acquire and share ICT resources and share with like minded institutions

ü  Transform the tumaini house teacher into 21st century teacher

Currently the department has the following members:-

Mr. Kagiri- H.O.D      Mr. J. Onkoba Asst H.O.D     Mr Bosire    
Mr G. Njuguna          Mr C. Ipara                         Mr A. Mbudi          

Ms P. Waweru           Mr S. Asiba                         Mr W. Getugi        



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