H. O. D           Kesia Mbugua


SLOGAN:   Get and nurture career, tap a grade pap!!! Thus it!!!

MOTTO:    Career option for success

VISION:      To be a dynamic department of excellence in career guidance.

MISSION: To provide guidance to overcome challenges in careers 



                          Respect for diversity

                          Moral integrity







  1. Address crucial questions as what is career?
  2. Expose students to factors that influence career choice.
  3. Sensitize students on the subject selection/requirements for specific career fields
  4. Guide students on career fields at universities/tertiaries and requirements
  5. To explore Joint Admissions Board guidelines on admission to public universities
  6. To inspire and make students achieve dream careers
  7. To explore marketability of career choices
  8. To promote quality education, optimum results hence prestigious careers
  9. To unveil misconceptions on careers and give learners the correct position

10.  To scale career heights and the sky is the limit


The department comprises five members appointed by the Principal and issued with a letter of

    appointment. The members are listed below:

i)                    Madam K. Mbugua - H.O.D.

ii)                  Madam L. Mutua     - Member

iii)                Mr. S. Asiba             -     ”

iv)                Mr. E. Obok             -     ”

v)                  Mr. A. Mbudi           -     ”

 The department has:

  i) a club: Young Scholars Club launched on 27th January 2012 to sensitize students on career.

 ii) The club has 64 members – 4 from each class.

iii) Meets on Thursdays after a fortnight at 1.30pm in the lower lab.


Form ones orientation talk one week after arrival. The H.O.D. introduces the department and its functions to the students.

The students fill the Bio-data that captures their background information and career choices.


Form twos choose subjects in second term mid July in a duration of two weeks. Followed by their career day attended by parents to finalise subject selection.

In third term students attend lessons for subjects choosen. This helps in syllabus coverage. At this juncture students should link the subjects to careers.


Form three career talk (September). Here the department will liase with the office to have a professional invited to facilitate this with the help of the members of the department.


Form four career talk (October) by Dr. Patricia Wambugu from Egerton university. The office to approve this.


Before K.C.S.E. the H.O.D.  with members of the department will download the application guidelines form from Joint Admissions Board, avail them to students, guide them on choosing courses offered at the university. After K.C.S.E. will capture students data in a form hence apply for courses on line, on their behalf. This is possible, all the form fours are paying for this. They pay ksh.300/= for application.


When K.C.S.E. results are released and Jab advertises review of courses in newspaper, the department assists students review their courses basing this on Joint Admissions Board guidelines on the same. Students pay ksh.500/= for review and for those who had not applied pay ksh.800/=.


In conclusion, I would like to take this opportunity to wish the reader the best as he/her/ learns more on career and every success in all your endeavours.



Compiled by Kesia Mbugua

                                                                                                  HOD Careers








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